• Prestvollsetra
  • Full moon over dawn fog
  • Skier in the forests
  • Sunset, Oslofjord
  • Swan in bright sunlight
  • Regatta in Oslofjorden
  • Tjuvholmen
  • From Rundvann
  • From Storronden - selfportrait

October landscape

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Sunday, mid October no appointments stressed in the body from my daily work Sunday is a day for rest – both the body and soul the forest lies a 10 minutes drive away put on boots and proper clothes for … Continued

Autumn morning

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Early morning near Tonevann, Østmarka, near Oslo. skarp luft rolig vatn blå himmel warmt lys røyk frå bålet på andre sida crisp air calm lake blue sky warm light smoke from a camp fire

Jotunheimen and Glittertind

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formspråket er påverka avnorrøn skaldedikting og tekstene bør lesast med eit flir    the texts are inspired by old norse poetry artand should not be taken too seriously hughøg vart mannen då heime fekk heita haugen nær elva sju netter, … Continued

Spinneren, Østmarka, Oslo

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An hour’s walk from the parking is Spinneren. A ridge in the woodland with a variation of trees, old and new. It is early springtime, and the birch leaves are fair and fresh. Here they are backlit in the afternoon … Continued

Full moon in September

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Last weekend was the exclamation mark behind a warm after-summer. The temperature in the lake is still comfortable 18℃, and the night temperature fell no lower than 8℃. The humidity, however, rose to 82% near the lake during the night. … Continued

August in Østmarka

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From yesteday’s walk to Langvann in Østmarka, Oslo. It has been raining for several weeks, the last few days the sun has been shining again. The colours are deep green, and the forests are rich with wild berries. The nights … Continued

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